Haley and Eric’s Engagement Experience

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This is an account of Haley and Eric’s precious story!
Engagement story:
Eric and I have been dating for 6.5 years and moved to San Francisco about 1.5 years ago.  When looking for an apartment before we moved, we found this park we fell in love with called Alta Plaza Park because it had the most amazing views of the entire city.  After we moved, we used to go there almost every weekend with our dog, Gumbo.  So when Eric decided he was ready to pop the question – the park felt like the perfect place to share our special moment. He had coordinated with my mom, Holly, and had her fly in for the occasion. We all ate dinner and he suggested we go for a walk to show my mom the beautiful views at the sunset.  When we got to the top of the steps of the park overlooking the city, he got down on one knee and popped the question.  He opened the box and it was the most beautiful and special ring I had ever seen. Now I get to look down at my hand every day and think of that amazing moment as well as see the park steps every day I walk out of our building.
Eric’s experience:
Alex and Marshall made the engagement ring process incredibly easy and helped me find the perfect ring for my perfect girl.  Our ring designing process was a little unique — we went back and forth between designing our own and using and enhancing my fiance’s mother’s ring.  Alex worked with us through several iterations of picking out our own ring and then helped us make the ultimate decision to use Haley’s mother’s stone.  She and Marshall then picked out and designed the perfect side stones to complement our center diamond.  Marshall and Alex were always available and made my life easy despite the fact that throughout the entire process, we were in different states and timezones.  We could not have done it without them!
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We have loved working with the Goldberg’s and they have made our engagement period even more special than we could have imagined!

Neely and Andrew’s Engagement and Wedding

Neely and Andrew met in an unconventional way, but when it came to Andrew choosing Neely’s engagement ring he wanted nothing but classic. Andrew came in a few times working on the design of the ring with Robert and making sure every detail was perfect. Neely of course knew nothing about this. He had to be very sneaky to get her to get her ring sized but she still had no idea when a proposal was coming.

This is their engagement story from Neely’s perspective:

I was out and about and Andrew usually gets home a little after 5. I walked in around 5:30 after stopping to get the mail. When I went to walk up the stairs I saw an envelope that said “The Neely.” If you’re not familiar, this is from an episode of How I Met Your Mother, titled “The Robin.”

The font on the envelope was identical but I did not put it together. I opened the envelope to find a card that said

Neely’s Amazing RACE (side note: I have always wanted to go on and win The Amazing Race…life list.) The cards looked identical to the ones on the show and it was my first clue. It said to go to where we had our first date and my next clue would be waiting.

Now mind you in normal non 5 PM non-Christmas traffic this drive would have taken 10 minutes tops… At 5 PM it took me nearly an hour. I called my best friend and my mom screaming and freaking out. They calmed me down thankfully.

I got to our first date spot, and the hostess had another clue waiting for me, which told me to go to our first kiss location. I went there and got another clue telling me to go to the place where he first told me he loved me. That happened to be my Mom’s house. She was not home so the clue was taped to the garage door. That clue said to go where we ate the most amazing bananas foster (our anniversary dinner.) So I went to Eddie V’s and that clue said to go to the bridge with the teddy bears. At this point I got confused…WHAT BRIDGE!? What BEARS!? I had to call him…thankfully he guided me and said my next clue would be there.

I was like crap I’m going to run out of gas! So I got there and I saw this bridge that was just filled with Christmas lights…





He was there…there wasn’t a final clue.

I walked up to my amazing, at the time boyfriend now future husband, and he said some amazing things then he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.

I cried, I freaked out, we hugged and kissed, and shared such a special moment together. Then of course we came home and called family and friends and nearly shut down Facebook!

Then it was time to shop for wedding bands. Neely knew she wanted two that matched identical to her gorgeous platinum ring. She did decide she wanted white gold bands instead of platinum mostly because of the weight. Andrew knew he wanted something simple yet classic. When they came in to look for their bands it didn’t take long for them to decide on the perfect ones.

If you take a look below at the gorgeous bands Neely picked out with her engagement ring, and the simple but elegant and classic ring Andrew picked out, they are perfect. Neely also did something special and had a special message engraved in Andrews ring.

They will be married on October 11th, 2014, and could not be happier with their rings from Herbert Goldberg and Co.